web2mail - get a webpage by email

Send an email to with a url address in the subject and get an email back with the website as an image, png, jpg or as a pdf file and even as a html file

Sample usage

Simple webpage to email

Email subject: https://www.example.com Try it
You will get a reply email with a screenshot of the page in the subject (https://www.example.com)

Website image as wide screen png

Email subject: https://www.example.com (PNG|WIDTH:1800|HEIGHT:2000) Try it
You can even set the type of response you want with the requested width and height. Here is a sample of .png response email screenshot with 1800px width and 2000px height.

Website as pdf by email

Email subject: https://www.example.com (PDF|WIDTH:1600|HEIGHT:3000) Try it
This will create a pdf version of the website and will send it back to you as attachment in the reply email.

More commands and help

List of commands


Free plan

  • 5 emails per day
  • All commands available
Price: $0 USD

$5.99 USD per month

  • 1000 emails per day
  • All commands available
$69 USD / Paid yearly

$5.99 USD per month

  • 1000 emails per day
  • All commands available
  • Support for json2smtp
  • No web2mail ads
  • Response up to 1 min
$69 USD / Paid yearly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is exactly web2mail.cloud?

Web to mail is an online service that allow you to specify a website in the email subject and get a screenshot or a pdf version of the site in a reply to your email.

What is unique in web2mail.cloud?

First of all it works. Many of the other similar services over the web that I found, actually does not work. Second you can specify parameters for the conversion of the website. Like width, height, post, get, html and many other like Google search and receive it via email.

What is web2mail.cloud good for?

I created web2mail.cloud because of an idea I had 20 years ago. I started working in a workplace where you did not had any access to the internet on the work computers but we did had access to email. So I thought, why not to be able to surf the world wide web via email? - I can email and then get a website image, pdf or html back. So it took me 20 years to actually had the time to create it. I hope it will be usefull for someone.

What is the price of web2mail?

It is free for the first 5 emails per day. It cost just $5.99 USD per month for 1000 emails per day.

How do you search Goole via email?

With web2mail you can search Google or Wikipedia and even Duckduckgo via email. Just send an email to with the subject:"Google:query" and replace "query" with the term that you want to search and you will get an email back with the results. You can do the same with subject:"Wikipedia:Israel" to search a term in Wikipedia or duckduckgo.

How to get a website by email as pdf or jpg?

Just email to with the webiste at the subject starting with http:// or https://, like subject:"https://www.google.com" and we will reply to you with in a minutes with a screenshot of the website, or a pdf. You can use commands like (PNG) or (JPG) or (PDF) to receive the attachment back in the required format. You can also set the width (WIDTH:1800) by commands and seperate them with | (JPG|HEIGHT:2200)

How can I contact support if needed?

Very easy, just email to: support (at) web2mail.cloud and we will reply as soon as we can

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